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Desert Heart Multimedia began life as Desert Heart Recordings. We started as a commercial recording studio, and the studio is still going! So when it comes to audio, we know a thing or two. And because we have record companies for clients, we've had lots of experience on the web with audio clips, download sales, and pretty much anything audio you can think of. Visit our recording studio website to learn more about the facility...

Audio and video present special challenges on the web, because they require large files, demanding long download times. To work around this, a technology has been developed called "compression", and "streaming". Compression means leaving out some of the digital content in an audio or video file, so you can still see or hear it, but maybe not quite well. It's a trade-off. When an audio or video file "streams", it begins to play almost immediately, and continues to play as it is being downloaded. This is a good thing for impatient Web users. Otherwise, they might have to wait minutes to see a movie!

Do you have video or audio already standing by that you want to get on the web? We understand how to compress your video and audio clips to make them look and sound their best. And, should you need to record new audio or video, or edit what you already have, we can help you with that as well. That’s why we have Multimedia in our name!

As you know, the most popular place on the web to watch video is YouTube, followed by Vimeo and Facebook. You may not know that it can be a good idea to have your videos on YouTube, and on your web site as well. Helps with your search engine optimization, and with your social networking. You'll see. We'll show you.

If you need audio or video for the web, contact us.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a video we recently made for our client, The Healing Waterfall:

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