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Your Website On A Phone

Remember when phones were big heavy black things with a circlular dial? Of course you don't, because you're much to young. We don't remember that either.

Lucky for us all, people can now see your website on their phone! Isn't that great? Well, maybe not. Your website may not exactly be designed to be viewed on a screen that's 2" wide.

But when we build your new web site, we can make a simple version that is designed that way. Then, when you're at a party and there's a lull in the conversation, you can pull out your phone, and say, "I have a new web site! See?"

That will be fun, huh?

Want to know a little more?

There are basically two ways websites can be made to be "responsive", i.e., respond to different screen sizes with different content. 

  • The site can be programmed to "collapse", so that certain images move down the page, and the menus consolidate. This is the way most WordPress sites are designed to behave. Like this one, for example. 
  • The site can be programmed to offer a different kind of page entirely, if the screen is small. This is generally, but not always, the way most modern complex sites are designed to behave. Our recent project, The Healing Waterfall website, is an example of this kind of site. 

Want your website to work well on a phone? Just give us a call. We'll handle the details.

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