Search Engine Optimization

Getting Your Site To Turn Up High in a Search

The process of strategically building your site to come up high in a search is called "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO). Successful SEO demands combination of technical know-how, creativity, and keeping up with the latest search engine trends. Here is our approach:

  • We build all of our sites to be "search engine friendly". That includes things like avoiding common pitfalls such as "frames", and using navigation schemes that search engine robots can easily track.
  • We place keywords in the special places they need to go.
  • We strategize with you about setting up your site architecture to best attract internet searches among your target audience.
  • For those clients who need something more, we bring in the big guns. Perhaps the leading expert in search engine optimization and online marketing is one of our partners. Jan Zimmerman authored 6 editions of Marketing on the Internet, Web Marketing for Dummies, and Social Media Marketing for Dummies books. In fact, pictures of our web design projects are shown in those books to illustrate her "how to" points.

More About Search Engine Optimization

Where Are You?
Having the best looking site on the web won't help you if no one ever finds it. Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, and many others - help Web users find your site. At least you hope they do!

Specialization VRS Narrow Audience
If your site is about a common topic, such as "landscape painting", there may be a lot of people looking for information about that, but you will have enormous competition to turn up high in a search. However, if you have a more obscure specialty, such as "miniature landscape painting", you'll have much less competition, but fewer potential visitors.

Keywords and other Minutiae
There are certain things that need to be done to maximize your site's search-worthiness, before it's even registered with search engines. For example, keywords or phrases should be placed in hidden fields on your pages. More importantly, page titles, image tags, and text content should be keyword-rich. And inbound links to your site (especially from relevant and important sites) make a big difference.

Registering with a search engine is not especially difficult, and in some cases it's free. However, because search engine rankings are so competative, you should have a professional first optimize your site and then register it.

If you need a search engine friendly web site, contact us.

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