Designing Your Logo 

Designers call it a "bug", but it's not a bug. It's your logo. That gemlike little thing that represents everything about your business, in a tiny image.

Actually, no. Let's be reasonable. Your logo doesn't really represent everything about your business. How can it? It's a tiny image, and your business is so much more than any little icon can possibly convey.

No, your logo isn't an epic novel. It's more of a haiku, and that's just fine. 

Because the job of your logo is to communicate something that helps people remember you, and want to contact you.

Perhaps it also helps you remember something, and inspires you to do great and greater things. That's a good logo. 

At Logo Design Santa Fe (Desert Heart Multimedia), our starting point for your logo is a conversation, perhaps several conversations, about you, your business, and what you want to communicate. From there, we begin brainstorming, coming up with ideas, and then raining choices upon you. It gets narrowed down. And when you know it's right, you have your logo. And we have some of your money. Everybody's happy. Yay!


A few things you might need to go with your logo:

Website Design

The whole enchilada.

Video For The Web

And... Action!

Product Photography

Way better than homemade.

Graphic Design

Catalogs, brochures...