Web Hosting

You Gotta Have It

In order for people to see your site on the Web, the files that make up your site must reside on a computer with a special connection to the internet. That's web hosting. Competent web hosting companies have fast computer systems, specialized hosting software, and very expensive, very dependable internet connections. Their systems are designed to operate under conditions where hundreds and thousands of visitors can log on to your web site, without creating a "log jam" that slows everything down.

Of course, not everyone needs the kind of service that would support thousands of visitors at once, so web hosts typically offer a variety of hosting plans to suit various budgets and needs. Web hosting can range from free (get what you pay for), to $20 a month for small professional web sites, to thousands, for very large businesses with super high traffic. Web Hosting packages may offer the ability to conduct secure e-commerce, stream audio and video, integrate a database, have managed backup systems, and more.

Desert Heart offers hosting plans only for those for whom we do web design and development. We don't do a big hosting business, we simply offer this service for the convenience of our clients. Should you want us to build your site, but you already have a hosting relationship that you want to continue, we can usually build it for you where you are.

And that's all we have to say about web hosting!

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