Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily change your own web site, without calling a web designer.

At Desert Heart, we build two kinds of CMS websites:

  • WordPress websites: WordPress is the world's most popular CMS. It has tons of fabulous features, and can make beautiful sites. In fact, this is a WordPress site. For a high percentage of sites, WordPress is the way to go today. We love making WordPress sites. 
  • Websites built with our own CMS system: Our own system can make beautiful sites too! But our own system allows us to do intricate things that would be difficult or impossible in WordPress. What kinds of intricate things? Complex database websites, e-commerce sites with unusual products and stores, things like that. You might not need those things, but if you do, we've got you covered!

All CMS web sites have an "admin", or "administrative interface". It's the portal you use to make changes to your pages. The admin should be very easy to use, and work something like a familiar word processor program.

Here's a picture of the "Page Editor" part of our admin, where you can change your page content. 

The Desert Heart CMS is built to work with the more specialized sites we make, and we customize it as needed. It has all these fine qualities:

  • Easy to use
  • Password protected
  • Requires no additional software purchase or license
  • Accessible with just a computer and a web browser
  • Has permissions that allow certain people within your organization to make tentative changes, and their supervisors to approve and apply them
  • Limits changes in the pages to specified “content areas”
  • Allows you to see what your changes might look like before you commit to them
  • Lets you cut and paste text from your word processing program into your site
  • Lets you easily format text on your pages (bold, italic, bigger, smaller, etc.)
  • Allows you to easily upload and place images from your local hard disk to your web pages, re-sizing “on the fly” as needed
  • Lets you choose from different page templates, to best suit the character & content of any given page
  • Allows you to upload and automatically link PDFs to your site
  • Easily and automatically make a link from any page in your site to any other page in your site
  • Lets you add or delete pages, and have the changes be automatically reflected in your site’s navigation panel
  • Lets you add or change search engine related tags like keywords, page description, and alt tags
  • Allows more advanced coders to paste in HTML
  • Has a table-maker that lets you easily put up and change table-type data in your site, like a calendar or directory
  • Has an Online Help Manual you can easily follow when needed
  • Built with proven, legacy programming tools that won’t be obsolete for a long long time
  • Solid, dependable and bug-free
  • Easy to use. (Did we already say that? Well, it’s the most important part!)

Whether you need a highly specialized website, or just a great one, we can set you up with a site you can edit and manage, easily. 
Want to know more? just give us a call.

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