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The Web keeps changing!

The web site you had three years ago may be looking old and tattered around the edges. Contacts might be asking why they can't find you on Facebook. And your site may be so teeny-tiny on a mobile phone it's impossible to read. Perhaps you need product photography for your new offerings. A site revision -- or a new site all together -- could be an opportunity to clarify your message, and reach more people. But where to begin? When you're looking for web design in New Mexico, web design Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Nationwide, we suggest you begin here!


  • Professional Layout & Design -- Your site needs to be well organized and easy to navigate, with a graphic style that matches the personality of your business, and the sensibilities of your audience.
  • Mobile compatibility with phones and tablets. It's all about being responsive to the screen size. We'll build your site so it looks good everywhere.
  • Content Management System -- Chances are, you'll want to be able to change and update your website in-house. A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to do that, with no more than basic computer skills. We not only build sites you can manage in WordPress, but we have our very own CMS, which you might find even easier to use. Web design Santa Fe - Desert Heart has options for you.
  • Search Engine Optimization -- What good is having a website if no one finds it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives your site the best chance of turning up high in on the list, when people search for what you offer.
  • E-Commerce -- The goal of your e-commerce online store is making the shortest possible distance between your site and your customer's wallet. Using your store should be so fast and easy that nothing stops visitors from becoming customers.
  • Social Media Marketing -- Social media marketing should be done by you, or someone who really understands what you offer. We can get you set up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a Blog, and more. And we can set up your web site to connect beautifully with your social media. We can even help you maintain your posts, if you wish.
  • E-Newsletter -- A mailing list is a key asset on the web. Entice visitors to sign up for your newsletter; find something new to say every few weeks; and do an email blast on a regular basis to keep you and your site in front of mind.
  • Flash Animation -- Fancy stuff that moves around and images that fade into one another are cool, but can be iffy. Depending upon your message and the nature of your business, it may or may not be right for your web site. If you need it, we'll make it, right here in our Santa Fe web design studio.
  • Audio & Video -- Nothing gets a point across like a well made movie, or a well recorded audio clip. Some stories need to be told this way. Talking about your business on camera can connect with your audience in ways that text and still images can not. So, consider using audio and/or video on your site, and then call us.

"So", you might be thinking, "What's all this going to cost?" Get an estimate, and find out!

A few things you might need to go with your website:

Product Photography

Way better than homemade.

Video For The Web

And... Action!

Graphic Design

Catalogs, brochures...

A Logo

Your biz, in a tiny shape.

Audio Recording

To tell your story.